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An adventure in agriculture and community!

We welcome school groups as well as preschools, church groups, special education groups and others seeking a hands-on experience of the garden, farm and community life! email or call for more info.


Want to volunteer for a couple of hours, a day? A weekend? Once a month? We are flexible. Come share your interests, hobbies and talents. Come show your holiday photos, garden, cook, play music, craft, pick berries, help with repairs and construction, lead a hiking group, bike into town, canoe! The opportunities are many and deeply appreciated.

Shadowing and exploring

What is it like to co ordinate a house and activities here? This is your chance to find out. Come as an individual, couple or family for a taste of community life. Email to set up opportunities.

Alternative Spring Break

Community life for a week! The most interesting friends you’ll meet in college, hard work, new ideas, and the deep satisfaction of making a real difference in people’s lives. (You might well be remembered ten years later!)

Summer Internship

We can mentor you through a great summer of hands-on learning. Partner with a farmer with thirty years experience, an engineer exploring electricity from vegetable oil, organic gardeners with fifteen years of CSA behind them, artists, bakers, and people who have lived and worked with people with special needs for a lifetime. Minimum 6 weeks.

Making your home here

Successful, happy, people who enjoy getting things done, but who long for a more integrated life (enough with the commute, the two jobs and the child- care!) and more meaning in their daily life-call us! Create a home where others can find a place in life, where your children grow up knowing the value of all human beings, and where your hard work makes a tangible difference every single day. Whether your passion is the land, the bakery, home making, woodworking, accounting or marketing, music or a new activity, your skills can be put to good use. Come create the future of Community Homestead.

Sharing your life with people with special needs, sharing your culture and yes, practicing your English! If you enjoy the outdoors, like physical work, are open, enthusiastic, positive and respectful, we’d love you to come! You bring the world to people who cannot travel so easily! Volunteers 16yrs and over can apply directly to us for 3 months service or less. Volunteers 18yrs and over offering a year of service can apply to us through visa programs. Please ask for more details.