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Grill Out at Morning Glory
Grill out at Morning Glory!

At Community Homestead adults with special needs live in extended family households sharing an integrated life with friends of various abilities.

Each house is co ordinated by long time coworkers, committed to the life and mission of the community. We share a dedication to fundemental principles of community life, but the character of the house is largely determined by the people who live there. Lively households including young children, quieter ones with older people, more independent, more adventurous? It all depends on the individual householders. We are joined by short term volunteers from all over the US and other countries, enriching us all with their energy and culture. Each person helps out in the house, helping it to run smoothly, and each one is helped by housemates. Having the opportunity to help as well as to accept help emphasizes the value, and dignity, of us all.

The rhythm of daily life

We stress a natural and traditional community life. Common meals, celebrations and festivities are all part of living here. We minimise the isolation of activities such as tv, or computers, emphasizing initiative, creative, and personal connection. Walking to a friend’s house, inviting people over, getting invited to dinner at another house, going for a walk, going with a friend to town, visiting family, are all reflections of the daily social freedom. Weekends find us; cleaning the house, shopping, biking, going to the movies, restaurants, concerts, or the theater, and walking, swimming, canoeing, skating or sledding depending on the season. Everyone here has at least one vacation every year. We support each other’s interests and tastes so while we enjoy our community life, we are not limited by it.


Each of our houses is licensed by the State of Wisconsin or by Community Cares of Central Wisconsin (CCCW) as an Adult Family Home.

Riding bikes!