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Our Garden

  • Handeing of Garden Crate
  • Garden Cart in front of rows
  • Red Flowers
  • Tractor Culivator
  • Vegetable Box

Our Organic Garden

The 17 acre garden and orchard is a place to grow and nourish, not only vegetables, fruits and flowers, but people too. Here is a safe and happy place to learn, to nurture, and to accomplish. Rhythm, reliability and self esteem are well rooted in the soil of the garden.

The Gardeners

Our gardeners work in teams to cultivate, harvest and prepare vegetables, herbs and flowers, most of which are sold through to 220 families involved in the CSA. Packing these weekly boxes is a highlight of a busy week for many but there is a place for everyone, from the most youthful and energetic, to the most delicate and retiring in our garden. Each one is found a place in the team where they can learn, contribute and enjoy daily life. What better place to be in the Summer than a bed of green lettuces or a forest of delphiniums, accompanied by friends and sights, sounds and smells of nature?

Produce for sale

All our produce is certified organic. Apart from the CSA, we sell at Osceola Farmer’s Market, at our own farm stand, and at local stores, giving out excess to food shelves in Osceola and the Twin Cities.