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Community Homestead we have a great love and respect for the land. We appreciate both its beauty and bounty and know that we have a responsibility to care for it as generations have done before us.

The farm has been here over a hundred years. Now it is a certified organic (MOSA), grade A dairy with a herd of about 80 beautiful holsteins. We ship our milk to Organic Valley. We also run some Angus/Holstein cross beef cattle alongside and keep pigs and chickens.

The Farmers

Our farm team is a diverse group, incorporating experience, enthusiasm and dedication. The team helps to milk and do barn chores, takes care of the cows, pigs and chickens, works out in the fields fencing, clearing, and maintains the buildings and machinery. There is plenty of healthy work, and room to breathe, in this place where our patience, reliability, strength and kindness is valued.

Farming Methods

Community Homestead now farms about 500 acres of land. We own 240 and rent the rest. MOSA organically certified, we balance traditional, natural, organic, methods to produce healthy animals and crops. We practice rotational grazing, and natural pest and weed control such as cover crops and timely cultivation. All the animals have plenty of outdoor space for pasture and exercise and are tended with care by the community members. The manure from the animals is used in the garden and on the fields, often in composted form, as part of a balanced and sustainable nutrient cycle.

Farm Products.

Our beef, and pork is available through the CSA. We also sell direct from the farm. As we ship all our milk to Organic Valley, it is not available for direct purchase.