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Day Program

Vocational Life

Everyone has his/her own daily schedule, tailored to meet tastes and needs. Everything has a purpose- no “busy work” here- so everyone knows they are needed and valued. We take care to create and then assess our activity areas based upon their therapeutic value, social opportunity and room for skill development. Daily activities include farming, woodworking, baking, cooking, processing, home skills, gardening and farmer’s market in the summer and crafts (making candles, paper, cards, wood items, weaving) in the winter. Some people work full or part time outside the community and others volunteer.

All the residents here are fully involved in the day program and we are joined by others who live with their families in the locality. So, everyday you can see us all at 9am walking the paths across the fields and garden, being dropped off, or already on our bikes to our own particular destinations. Our day friends are also part of our community and belong to a household, joining us for lunch and social activities. Often, we can help with transportation, making a daily run to St Croix Falls at 8.30am and 4.30pm.

High School Students

Transition students from local high schools are welcomed. Starting at 16, young adults come and learn to take responsibility for their lives. Skill development, decision making, social growth, and responsibility mare all stressed and helped along by the many positive role models we have here. We also offer opportunities for students in the summer, looking to sustain skills and explore new experiences

Joining the Day program

It is possible to join the day program for as little as a half day a week or from Monday through Friday depending on the need of the individual, other opportunities available to them, and our own capacity. Please contact us to explore possibilities.


Everyone at Community Homestead is a volunteer and receives no salary or payment in exchange for his/her activities. Participation is by individual agreement. All our households are certified by the State of Wisconsin or Community Cares of Central Wisconsin (CCCW). We enjoy a healthy and supportive relationship with both agencies.

Steven at Farmer's Market Nina in the Garden Jackson delivering Squash