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Our Community Center

1500 square feet of wood floor with a fireplace of St Croix river stone at one end and a ceiling of renovated barn wood. Add to that, barn wood trim, a lovely lobby, accessible bathroom and a commercial canning kitchen and bakery. Look out from the huge deck and see the cows wandering out to pasture. Downstairs is the hub of our craft activity, In the winter months, we are making cards, weaving, painting and making paper there. From the floors to the chimney, we built this building together. This is the center of our community life, the country chic place where we have our folk dances, conferences, music, movement activities, festivals, weddings and plays.

Renting the Community Center

We offer the community center to you for your own special event. Weddings, Anniversaries, reunions, baby showers, conferences, workshops and concerts have all enjoyed this venue. Capacity for 100 people inside, with tables, chairs, and other amenities available. To talk to us about possibilities, contact