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Our Bakery

Cookie bakers
Cookie Bakers
Cookies on a tray
Cookies being placed on a sheet

The Bakers

Our certified kitchen is a bright sunny place. Together five bakers make ten different varieties of yeast based and sough dough bread, twelve varieties of cookies, and muesli. Not only do we create something wonderful (a therapy in itself) the bakery incorporates real-life therapeutic opportunities; dexterity, strength, stamina, measuring, following instructions, rhythm, team work, and sequencing without dwelling upon disability.

Buying products

We sell through the CSA, Fine Acres in St Croix Falls, and River Market in Stillwater. In the summer you can find us at Osceola Farmer’s market, by the millpond and in the winter at Osceola Antiques (inside by the malt shop). You can also order directly from us by calling (715) 294-3038

The finished thing
The finished product!
Cinnimon Raisin Swirl
Cinnimon Raisin Swirl


All our ingredients are organic, and local whenever possible. Bread is hand kneaded and shaped, cookies mixed with wooden spoons the old fashioned way. Baked with care by a team of people with diverse abilities, we appreciate the opportunity to learn and offer the community wholesome goodies.

Kneading Bread
Kneading bread
Baking Bread
Baking bread