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Application Process

Managed Care in Wisconsin has made it possible for most people with developmental disabilities to access our life here. We have also worked with private pay arrangements for people outside these geographic or diagnostic boundaries who need to be part of the community.

Whether interested in residence here or day program, the first step is to email or phone and discuss possibilities. The second step is schedule a visit. Together, we can develop the best answer for an individual's needs. Everyone here must be safe, with themselves and with others, and free from daily nursing care. The rural and rough terrain is limiting for anyone with ambulatory challenges. However, so much depends upon an individual's personality and their desire to be here that we do not make other strict boundaries about specific diagnosis, age or other characteristics.

We do what we are able to do for the love of each other and the joy of accomplishing things together. We are all volunteers and while we certainly receive personal benefits, no salary, wage or payment is given in exchange for activities.

To apply: with an initial inquiry and/or to set up a visit.