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A group of five people, with six children between them, started the ball rolling. Of these five, three grew up in Camphill communities while the other two were short term volunteers there. After ten years out of Camphill; college, farm managing, teaching, engineering, child raising, they were happy but not fulfilled. What was the point? What was the greater reason for creating a lifestyle? The answer to that question became Community Homestead, a place where not only they, but others could find direction, identity and value. It was established in 1995 at Oscar Olson’s farm, Cedar Bend, near the Farmington, Osceola town line. Joined by now by several others, including Oscar himself, the group started to build the many activities, the households, and the land work you see now.


Community Members have diverse developmental abilities and disabilities. Our co-operative life enables everyone to flourish so that, together, we are a very able community. We are all ages, all abilities and disabilities, living and working together to sustain, protect, and enrich the human and natural environment. Everyone is a unique and valuable human being. Only by helping others do we find, and help, ourselves.


We are inspired by our experiences in Camphill and the world view of Anthroposophy aswell as organic and biodynamic agriculture and sustainable living. This is not a religious community. Each one is supported in their own personal faith and development even as we enjoy the seasonal and cultural Christian festivals of the year as a community.

Community Homestead does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, marital or parental status, or military service.

Like Minded Organizations

Community Homestead shares a philosophical root with both the Waldorf Schools and the Camphill Movement. We also find a resonance of mission and task with the following: